Welcome to our Scout website/forum.

If you are registering, please use some form of your first and last name.  We want to be able to easily know who everyone is.  cheeky thanks!

How to use this site

First, take note of the account stuff at the top of this page. You will see "home", "my account", "search", etc.
• Home is useful if you get lost, this link is at the very top of every page, simply click on it and that will bring you back here.
• My account is where you will go to make any changes to your personal account, like your email address, your profile pic/avatar, etc.
• Search will allow you to search the whole site (say you remember seeing a post about the kissimmee campout but cant find it anywhere - use this function and search for "kissimmee", etc)

And then there are the TABS

• Home - that's here where we are now
• Events - clicking on this tab will take you to our calendar of events
• General - this is where you will find general information about our Unit 514 (things that pertain to both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts). Clicking on this Tab will take you to a forum page for General info, Help Desk, and if you are a scout leader, the Leaders forum. Also, note the small triangle to the right of the General Tab. If you hover your mouse over this tab, you will see the word "links". Clicking on that will take you to a page with helpful Scouting links. (please feel free to suggest others as you find them)
• Pack - clicking on this Tab will take you to our den forums - Tigers, Wolf/Bear, and WeBeLos. This is where your cub scout's den leaders will post important information about their dens.
• Troop - This Tab is for the Boy Scouts (and their parents). Clicking on the Tab will take you to a page that lists the Boy Scout Officers. (note the arrow again) Hovering on this Tab with your mouse will show you several options.
  • The first is Blogs - this is a blogging area for the Boy Scouts themselves.
  • The second is Boy Scouts - this has general information for new Boy Scouts and then a discussion forum for all Boy Scouts.
  • The third is Merit Badge Central - this has a discussion forum where you can ask questions about merit badge stuff, a blue card request forum (guess what that is for?) and a list of the merit badge books we have available in our library (on the right side of the page)
  • The fourth is the Patrol Leader Council - this is a discussion forum area for Boy Scout officers.

**Please note that any forum has a "subscribe" option next to it. Clicking on this will tell the website to email you anytime someone posts to that particular forum.

And as always - if you have any questions or need help - post to the Help Desk or ask one of us!


Scout families:

            The fees to participate in Boy Scouts have increased.  Below is a breakdown of the fees for 2022.  The following fees are due by the end of October, 2021.

Scout fees:

$66 for BSA registration, $2 for insurance, $33 for Council, $48 for dues

or $149 without magazine

and $161 with magazine

Adult fees: 

$42 for BSA registration, $2 for insurance, $21 for the Council

or a total of $65 

If you need to mail me a check, please make check to Boy Scout Unit 514 and mail to

Amy Porter

104 Castlemain Cir

Davenport FL 33897


New Scout Location

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